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Hi random reader.

In this article i want to talk a bit about the feature of “Spring Boot”, that can be considered as the main reason for it being the top framework among modern Java developers.

The feature that gives it’s users ability to automagically get preconfigured feature rich Spring Beans, without the need to waste time on configuring every little detail by hand.

The feature i am talking about is called “Autoconfiguration” and it’s concrete initiator in code is annotation: @Autoconfiguration. …

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Hi there. In this article i want to share with you one of the coolest(i mean reeaaally cool) technique that might benefit your Spring applications.

The main topic, I’ll try to introduce, is how to create, process and get benefits from using custom annotations in Spring framework based Java applications. By getting a benefit, i mean giving different components additional/desired functionalities just by, simply, adding annotations to them.

In this article we’ll get our hands dirty with creating a new annotation “@Profile”. The desired functionality of it is to, display bean’s method profiling statistics, annotated with it.

FYK, profiler, in…

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What is IoC ?

Well, let’s revise what was said in the previous article about Spring Framework’s and IoC pattern’s relation and only then continue diving deeper into details of these topics.

Even though it’s intensively used in “Spring Framework”, an Inversion of Control is not something strictly bound to any language or library. It is a general principle/pattern in software engineering by which the control of objects(creation, destruction …etc), is transferred to a framework. Which means that the act of connecting objects with other objects, or “injecting” objects into other objects, is done by a framework rather than by the objects themselves.


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Hi, If you are reading this article I have couple of assumptions to share:

either you saw the article’s link on my timeline since we are friends on some social media, and for the sake of friendship are reading this, or it means that you have heard of this mysterious buzzword called “Spring Framework” and want to know this generous framework better.

What is a Framework?

Let’s first make the meaning of a framework a bit more clear.

Today whenever a project is built using Java or any other language, core functionality needs to be constructed from scratch. Yet many…


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